Dogi Jacket is usually made of cotton. Cotton shrinks after washing. The degree of shrinkage is different from the condition of cotton like Unbleached and Bleached and the quality of the cotton. 
Unbleached Jacket such as IWATA 200S, IWATA 300W and IWATA500 shrinks a lot for the first wash, but after the first wash, it becomes the same size as bleached jacket. (In other words, when you get a blend new unbleached jacket IWATA, it is too big for you but it is normal. It is very important to wash your unbleached jacket before the first use!) 
Bleached Jacket such as IWATA 200AS, IWATA 300AW, IWATA 600 shrinks a little by little, because it is already shrunk. However, it is natural to shrink a little and eventually about 6-10cm a year. (It is also different from the intensity of your training and the frequency of washing)
The other feature is washing temperature.
Less than 30°C: As it is noticed in the care label, the max temperature for washing correctly is 30°C.  The higher the washing temperature is, the more the shrinkage is as well.
Dogi does not shrink the same degree in all directions.  In general, the gi shrinks more in width than in length. A high temperature causes the damage of cotton fabric and reduces the robustness and the durability of dogi.
For the smell or smear, you might not be get rid of these even though you washed your jacket correctly because you use your kimono for years or because you left your dogi in your bag after your training for a long time, for example.  In this case, you can use bleach but once or twice a year. 

Lightly stretch your dogi after you take it out from the washing machine.  You can remove the small folds, which are done during the washing, especially spinning, by stretching your gi. When you do the spinning your jacket, it is better to set a low speed spinning because the spin is so fast that your dogi will be damaged. It is better to avoid a drying machine because the cotton is damaged by the high temperature.
Hang the jacket on a hanger like a letter “T”.
It is better to dry outside in shade and to avoid the direct sunlight. If you dry your kimono under the direct sunlight, it damages the cotton and reduces the durability of kimono.  However, if you dry faster your jacket, you can dry your dogi under the sunlight with inside out.



YUMIKO (leader SINONOME) in Tokyo was a fashion designer for 15 years.

With this experience, SINONOME offers original bag, for bokken (AIKIDO), for shinai (KENDO) for iaito (IAIDO)

Yumiko seeks textile KIMONO Japan, and creates the bag pattern or bag.

Then our Japanese team makes very original covers.

Normally a kimono fabric roll is about 12m.

We can manufacture as 10-20 maximum cover.

Manufactures of cover by SINONOME, quantity is limited, we do not find elsewhere.

 more information:





I added photo album "Jidai Matsuri".

With this parade, I could feel ancient times in Japan,
by time, with his SAMURAI chaval are turned in front of people, big smile,
they are very elegant and charm.

jidai matsuri


We are exclusive supplier of IWATA Co.Ltd products since 2004.

IWATA. CO.LTD is Budo (martial arts) garment supplier (Judo, Aikido, Kendo) in Japan since 1917.

For history, Mr IWATA Mankichi was a friend of Jigoro Kano Shihan.
At the time, the company manufactured keikogi family for judokas.
Jigoro Kano Shihan in designed the logo (2 folding fans).
The company diversified its production with the manufacture of keikogi and hakama and for laïkido
thanks to the quality of their products Iwata becomes a provider of Aïkikai So Hombu Tokyo.
Today, Iwata's 4 génerations produce always the garments with a great passion.

The experts will be surprised by

 the quality of their products:
fabric strength, comfort,  the seams finishing ....
-by the diversity of their products:
Keikogi lightweight for summer,
Keikogi for daily training, Keikogi for women.
Hakama blue or black color, classic or premium.

These clothes are popular among Japanese Aikidoka, we wanted to give the opportunity
 Aikidoka to provide its products.  SINONOME was signed on 13/02/2004
a trade agreement with IWATA.CO for sale internationally.

IWATA manufactures dogi and Hakama with highest priority of our company's (SNONOME's) order!



SIRAMINE Jingu is a Japanese temple in Kyoto.
A Shrine Temple (the time of HEIAN) former sports  "KEMARIDO".
KEMARIDO is like football, not using hands, and have fun with the ball dressed in kimono.
Today, we say "A football temple."
The Japanese football teams bow to this temple to win the match.

SIRAMINE JINGU photo albums

site  http://shiraminejingu.or.jp/


Stage TANABE congress in 2008 -Doshu

It is a little bit old but ......,
We've added a photo album "Stage TANABE congress in 2008 Doshu."




We are glade to present the opening of our second web site from Japan!
We would like to offer our products with reasonable prices for all people who practice the Japanese martial arts all over the world.
Today, we have finished our project.
(Some articles are still manufacturing such as Bokken, Jo, etc….however, they are coming soon!)
We hope you enjoy our website and find something in which you are really interested !!!

Creator of SINONOME (FRANCE) YUMIKO a very good relation with YAMADA sensei (NY AIKIKAI),Miyamoto sensei(AIKIKAI HOMBU), Funakoshi sensei(YAMAGATA AIKIKAI), FUKAKUSA sensei(THAI AIKIKAI), the sensei of AIKIKAI etc ......

In 2002 ,Master Nobuyoshi Tamura proposed to sell, develops material IWATA in France to Ms. Yumiko Kono.
In February 2003, After one year of preparation, Yumiko created the site : www.sinonome.org .

For 10 years, SINONOME has followed several national and international seminar Aikido Master Master TAMURA and YAMADA etc.
Since 2013, SINONOME develops the international market together with NETHINK.
The Aôut 2015 SINONOME created a internet shop in Japan.
SINONOME JAPAN propose high quality products to japanese martial arts for market International.

We poproson
-Hakama and keikogi IWATA (official mark of AIKIKAI, we are one official dealer since 2003.)

-Bokken NIDOME (NIDOME manufactures wooden weapons for the Minister of Defonce, master of KOBUDO etc ....)

-KENDO equipment and MATSUKAN of Anshin-SHOKAI
(JAPAN Team KENDO of champions use material MATSUKAN.
The great master of the Nagoya uses material Anshin-SHOKAI.
2 are well known company in Japan.)

-Many Traditional and artisanal material : GETA, ZORI,TENUGUI etc ......

Our Japanese equime always chechent quality and great service to our customer.
We will try to improve the maximum.

Best regards.